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The word “WANGBI” means “QUEEN” in korean language. In Korea, the queen is always in-charge of the country’s internal affairs, including the well-being of her people. By naming our clinic Wangbi Medical Center, as the Korean Queen of healthcare we are committed to serve all our patients from all ages, not only adults, but also from infants to the elderly.
With the aim to assist our patiens that are dealing with both mild and severe health issues, we wish to help patients to stop relying only on medicine and replace them with these curative treatment methods by using combined medical acupuncture and physiotherapy procedures.
In the future, we hope that Wangbi Medical Center (WMC) can be the center of holistic integrative clinic, as we aspire to be. WMC hope to provide integrated and excellent services to everyone.”


To become a reputable, comprehensive holistic health center by putting an emphasis on expertise, professionalism and patient oriented care. 


  • Provide reputable health – care service.
  • implements innovative technologies and treatment alternatives to deliver excellent service in a holistically integrated manner.
  • assemble skilled, esperienced, and committed team to achieve best results for out patients.
  • patient-centered, with an emphasis on patient when making medical decisions & disseminating accurate medical data
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