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Signature Face Spa

Immerse yourself in a luxurious experience that will leave your face renewed and relaxed through Korean natural face lifting combining with beauty-tech is a perfect ultimate experience.

Signature spa

Aromatherapy Backpain Massage

Go way beyond the more well-known ones of relaxation, promoting better sleep, reducing stress and backpain relief. By boosting your ‘happy hormones’ and immune system, it also substantially enhances your overall mind & body health. The aromatic nature of 9 type of essential oils can increase feelings of calm, and massage with essential oils will reduce excited nerves while relaxing muscles.

Aroma terapi back pain

Candle Massage

Let you experience a warm nourishing aromatic massage candles, made with a blend of skin friendly waxes and oils formulated to melt at a low, skin safe temperature. Wangbi Candle massage isn’t just a moment of relaxation. It will soothe your muscle tension, relieve stress, fatigue and sleeplessness.

Candle Massage

Hot Stone Massage

By places the hot stones on specific points along your body, known as acupressure points, to promote relaxation and relieve tension. Additionally, the therapist may also use the stones as an extension of their hands, applying gentle pressure and gliding the stones along your muscles; this combination of heat and pressure helps to ease muscle stiffness, improve circulation, and calm the mind.

Hot Stone

Korean Massage Oil

A luxurious experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and more relaxed with a renewed sense of well-being. Suitable if you are : Feeling very tired or exhausted, unwell or ill, lack of sleep, and muscle tension.

Korean Massage Oil terbaik


By aligning the functioning of various organ and muscle systems, reflexology can increase metabolism and energy creation processes within the body. If you need a boost of energy or are always feeling sluggish, perhaps a reflexology session can help put some pep back in your step!

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